Beautynetkorea Haul

Hi Everyone,

Last month, after reading several articles about the superior quality of Korean skincare, I ordered some skincare products from I don’t have a religious ‘tried and tested’ skincare routine, so I’m always keen to try new products. I have ridiculously dry skin so anything that can combat that is a must have in my book and that’s really what I was after from these products. Dry skin busters. The products arrived promptly (much faster than I thought they would) and so far I’m very impressed with what I’ve received.

I’m going to begin with generalities. Firstly, I have to say, that every single product I’ve tried has smelt delicious. Secondly the sizes of the products is very generous. Thirdly, all the packaging looks great! Fourthly, all the prices on the website are given in US dollars, but I’ll try to convert them into sterling for your reference. Now let’s jump into the good stuff:

Click on any product name to see the product on the website.

1. Tony Moly ‘Wonder Water Moisture Cream’ 10.56 Fl Oz/300ml (!!!) $14.39/£8.45

The tub claims: “Oil-free gel cream takes care of sebum and moisturises skin”

This is a giant tub of very mild, gentle moisturiser. I essentially bought this one for the name; who can resist a wonder product?? I’m so glad I did purchase it since it’s such a lovely moisturiser. As you might think, it’s very watery so it absorbs in seconds and leaves no residue at all. It’s actually very similar to Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Gel Moisturiser, but at a fraction of the price and in a jumbo size tub. It even has the same blue tinge to the moisturiser. I’ve been using this one more on my legs which aren’t particularly dry and it’s nice to pop on in the morning, especially now the weather’s improving and I’m starting to tentatively get my legs out. The packaging claims it’s for your neck and face, but hey-ho. It smells gorgeous and is very refreshing.




2. Tony Moly, ‘I’m Real Avocado Rich Cream’ 3.17 Fl Oz/90ml $12.33/£7.25

This cream is insanely thick, in the pot. It’s so dense that when you dip your fingers in, the product even feels spongey. You only need the smallest amount, and once it warms a little in your hands it thins and applies so nicely all over your face. Once again it smells absurdly good, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I’ve had limited exposure to Kiehl’s avocado creams, but from what I can see, this does the same thing, but again cheaper and actually with a better smell. Their creamy avocado eye treatment comes in a 1 Fl Oz/28ml pot and costs a whopping £33. If you’re looking for something that does the same job at a quarter of the cost, head to Tony Moly. This is actually the third part in a three step system, and I’m inclined to go back for the other two. You can, of course, buy all three parts for less money than one pot of Kiehl’s.





3. Nature Republic, ‘Morroco Ghassoul Cleansing and Massage Cream’ 6.76 Fl Oz/200ml $9/£5.30

On the tub; “This deep cleansing and massage cream enriched with pure Morroco ghassoul effectively absorbs excess sebum, removes impurities and dead skin cells, and cleanses pores”

This is another big tub of lovely smelling product. Unfortunately I have yet to use this one, as I’m trying to get to the end of some others before I give this a go. This is meant to be used on a dry face; you take a small amount from the tub with your fingers and massage it into your face in a circular motion. Nature Republic reckon this can be used to take off make-up, and that when you massage it your make-up begins to dissolve away. Then you remove the product with a tissue or muslin. I’m keen to see how I get on with this one, let me know if you’d like an update on it!



4. Etude House ‘Moistfull Super Collagen Multi-Stick’ 0.35 Fl Oz/10 g $9.90/£5.80

On the packaging, “This is a stick balm containing 58% Super Collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) that glides onto skin with its moist and firm texture for long-lasting smooth and elastic skin”.

This is a bit of a strange product, in that I haven’t come across anything else like it so far. It’s so simple and easy to use, it literally takes seconds. You twist the bottom of the stick, which boosts up the product which you then apply directly onto your face in areas that you feel are looking a bit tired. I’ve been using it under my eyes and on my forehead and sometimes around my lips. Then you apply your regular moisturiser over the top. They recommend that you use it both morning and night, but I’ve just been using it at night. When I do, the next morning I feel like my skin looks less drab and just a bit more alive and plump (but not puffy). I wonder if you could use it as a lip moisturiser too before applying lip stick to make them look a bit more luscious.





5. Etude House ‘ I Need You, Yogurt Wash-Off Pack’ 4 packs, Net Wt. 1.69 Fl Oz/48g $6.30/£3.70

On the pack, “Facial massage pack formulated with fruit and yoghurt to soften, nourish and replenish skin”
Active Ingredients; yoghurt, apple, raspberry, kiwi and apricot extracts

This is another one I haven’t tried yet, since the packaging is just so adorable I couldn’t bear to ruin it just yet! They come in four individual snap pots, each one containing a different ‘flavour’; strawberry, kiwi, apple and apricot. These are just basic facial masks. After cleansing you apply one pot of the product and leave on for ten minutes, then wash off with warm water. I think the snap pots are SUCH a great idea. I think I’m going to save these and snap one off for when I go on holiday, amazing space saver.



6. Baviphat ‘Peach All-in-one Peeling Gel’ 100g $10.53/£6.20

I think this is the best smelling product of the bunch. It smells so strongly of peaches (unsurprisingly), so good you want to eat it! It also has the best packaging!! So adorable! I keep this one out on display because it’s just too sweet. When you open the lid on this one you have the tiniest, cutest little spoon applicator which you use to scoop out the product and apply it to your face. Now this is not a peeling mask. When you rub it into your skin it starts to form small balls of product where it has begun to collect the dirt/grime and dead skin cells that are lying on your skin. It takes a little time to rub it all in, you have to be patient, but it’s so worth it. Afterwards your skin will feel so smooth, like it’s brand new! It’s essentially an exfoliator, but I think it’s less abrasive and more tasty 🙂




That’s the end of my beautynetkorea haul. Thank-you so much for stopping by and taking a read. Please do let me know if you liked this one, or if you have any comments at all!

I hope you pop by again soon for more.

Becky x

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Lush Haul

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got a little lush haul that I bought about two weeks ago to share with you. I don’t usually buy much in Lush at all, but the mood struck me and I was right by the King’s Road store so popped in and ended up coming away with some gorgeous smelling lovelies. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty –

The first product was actually picked out by Miss Mimi since she loves The Wizard of Oz with all her little heart (see her clothes haul here). This is called “Dorothy” and is one of their bubble bars:

Lush haul - dorothy


Lush haul - dorothy 2

This one was £3.25 and you can find it here. I think Miss Mimi was a little bit disappointed with this one, because she thought the bubbles would seriously foam and go mental. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of bubbles from this and it dyed the water a light blue, but there just weren’t enough for her liking..! This one has a scent of ylang ylang and orange flower which is pretty yummy.

Next I picked up the “Rose Queen” bath bomb (from here on out, these were my choices). This was £2.75 and as you might have guessed smelt of roses! It looks like this:

Lush haul - rose queen

lush haul - rose queen 2

This is not one that jumps out at you in the store. On the website this is pictured as being a much brighter pink, but in reality it’s a pale pastel pink, very plain. But, don’t let that fool you. This is such a lovely bath bomb. You just chuck it in the water and it immediately starts fizzing away, releasing a heavenly flowery fragrance and, at the same time, buds of blue mallow, tiger lily, honeysuckle, apple blossom and amaranth flower into your now pink water. It made me feel like I was in a princess bath! Loved it. In addition, the scent of this stayed with me for a really long time, I kept thinking to myself what this nice smell was and then realised it was my skin!!

The next one is called “Brightside” and was £4.50. This smells incredible. I’m a sucker for citrus-y scents and this is a combination of Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils … I mean…… come on…

Lush haul - brightside

Lush haul - brightside 2


Even thought this one is marginally more expensive, it’s actually good for two baths, unless you want to drown in bubbles. It turns your water a bright orange and the bubbles just keep coming! The texture of this one is much creamier than “Rose Queen”, which is crumbly, and I found this one left my skin feeling softer as a result, and still smelling like a damn orange grove. Check it out here.

Another fruity delight I purchased was a bath melt in “You’ve been Mangoed”, which was £3.25. This one really does not stand out in the store, compared to all the glittery, enormous, brightly coloured, robot-shaped bath bombs, this just looks like a regular bar of soap, but I beg you, do not overlook it. You can check it out here.

Lush haul - youve been mangoed

Lush haul - youve been mangoed 2

You have to be a little bit careful with this one because the second it touches your skin, the warmth starts to melt it immediately, so try not to pick it up to smell it too often! This has a lot in it, including; citrus fragrances of lemongrass, lime and lemon oils as well as a mix of cocoa, avocado and mango butters. So essentially what Lush are saying is, this has all the hydrating goodness of avocado with the better smell of citrus and mango. Win. Once your bath is drawn, pop this into the water and watch it slowly melt away into a slightly oily texture that just makes your skin heave a sigh of relief. Love this product so much.. and I cannot get enough of that smell!

Finally, I bought a face mask. In an attempt to get into them I asked the helpful lady in the store what she would recommend for dry skin, and without hesitation she suggested the “Oatifix” fresh face mask. This face mask was £6.25, and she reckoned you could get 5-6 masks out of it, which seems fairly good value for money.

Lush haul - oatifix

I’ve only tried this mask once, and I did quite like it. I was very put off by the texture, which is hugely unappealing. Even Lush’s own swatch on their website could not make this product look anything other than what we’re all thinking. Yep.

However, once I’d gotten past that I quite enjoyed the process. It is not a smooth mask by any stretch of the imagination, so I found it a little tricky to apply without it falling off my face. I left it on for 15 minutes and then washed it off with a muslin cloth and warm water. I really did notice that my skin felt hydrated. The mask is made up from oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin so as you can guess it did leave a thin film of suppleness from the oils that naturally occur in those ingredients. My skin though is immensely dry, if you have even a semblance of oily skin, I would stay well clear of this product! For me, having some oil pumped back into my skin with this mask is a blessing, but I can appreciate this would be a nightmare for others. This has a shelf life due to the natural ingredients, and must be stored in the fridge, which is a little inconvenient, but I did feel like it worked for me.

I hope you all enjoyed this haul. I’d love to hear any comments you may have and if you’ve tried any of these products before. Also, if you have any recommendations for me I’d appreciate it!

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you pop back again soon.

Becky x


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Hi everyone,

Just a quick post before I head out for some shoppingggggg. But I just wanted to briefly show you some shots of my makeup look I’ve chosen. I’ve just gone for a really super duper neutral, matte look with brown/warm pink eye shadows and a nude matte lip. All products used are listed below!

Please excuse the scruffy hair, I’ve literally just shoved it up in a bun, also the shoddy image quality (taken on my iPad, cos I was being lazy!)





To achieve this look I used:

Primer – Benefit Porefessional
Base – Mix of; Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation in vanilla, l’oreal nude magique bb cream in light and l’oreal lumi magique primer
Under eye concealer – rimmel london wake me up in ivory
Face concealer – maybelline super stay in light/beige
Setting powder – sleek professional finishing powder
Eyebrows – soap & glory archery in brownie points
Eyeshadow – various from makeup revolution redemption palette iconic 3
Inner corner – Barbara daly longwear eyeshadow in shell
Mascara – benefit they’re real
Bronzer – benefit hoola
Blusher – sleek blush in life’s a peach
Highlighter – benefit watt’s up
Lipstick – mac matte kinda sexy

In terms of brushes, I used various from real techniques, zoeva and mac!

Phew! That’s a lorra products! I hope you guys enjoyed this look, and weren’t too put off by the closeness to my face! I always love hearing your comments so please drop one below 🙂

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you pop back again soon!

Becky x

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Lip Binge

Hi Everyone,

I went in to Boots quite determinedly just to purchase some basic essentials that I’ve just finished, and instead managed to buy some less essential, but more interesting and delicious lip products. I’ve also thrown in a new mac lipstick, which I picked up just a couple of days ago.

Image So here are all of the lip products I have very recently purchased, all lined up like little soldiers:



So, from left to right I bought:

  • Bourjois Paris Colour Boost lip crayon in No 1, ‘Red Sunrise’
  • Maxfactor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in ‘Designer Blossom’
  • L’Oreal Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in No 500, ‘Molto Mauve’
  • L’Oreal Collection Privee Color Riche in ‘Eva’s Nude’
  • Mac matte lipstick in ‘Kinda Sexy’

I’ve swatched these little guys for you below, because some of these look massively different on the lips than they do in their packaging houses. I unhelpfully swatched these in a different order to the picture above..





Left to right these are: mac, maxfactor, bourjois, l’oreal extraordinaire and l’oreal color riche.

Mac ‘kinda sexy’ is a gorgeous colour, it’s a browny/nude colour which I can imagine suiting most people. As you can see I have very fair skin and I struggle to find a nude lipstick that I feel doesn’t make me look washed out/ghost like, but this one I like. A lot. Interestingly, I actually went into the mac store to purchase ‘Enchanted one’ from the limited edition Alluring Aquatic range, which was unfortunately sold out. This however, is a pretty close match if you, like me, can’t get your hands on that one. It’s a bit deeper and richer in colour but the tones are very similar.

This Maxfactor giant pen stick I do really like, but it is NOT the colour you think it’s going to be. The crayon nib looks like a super luscious and bright red, as does the swatch colour on the end of the packaging, but don’t be fooled. This is much pinker than it appears. When I dragged it across my hand in store I was really surprised that it wasn’t like dragon’s blood red. It’s actually quite sheer, but seems to be really buildable.

On to Bourjois’ lip crayon. This is the first of this type of crayon/chubby stick type item I’ve bought because it took me a while to come round to the glossiness of them. I don’t tend to go for glosses, but there’s sooo many glosses around at the moment I thought I had to try some, there’s clearly some sort of club I’ve not been invited to. This is a lovely shade, it’s really poppy and I think it’ll be great in the summertime, when it finally crawls its way here. I also liked this one because it has an SPF of 15 and claims to last for 10 hours… we’ll see.

Now, who isn’t banging on about these L’Oreal Extraordinaire’s?? I quite enjoy the luxe nature of the packaging, and I like that you can see how much product you have left through the transparent side panel. These are some serious high shine glosses (does anyone else think a ‘liquid lipstick’ is just a fancy name for a high pigment gloss?) I’m tempted to go back for the shade ‘Tangerine Sonate’ because that looked pretty insane in store and I’m liking how this one is turning out so far.. This shade has lots of depth to it and if youve gone for a neutral eye look, paired with this, it really makes the look suddenly quite dramatic. A good one to take your makeup from day to night I reckon.

Finally, the L’Oreal Color Riche. This is a lovely, moisturising lipstick. It’s very sheer and delicate, so it’s great for the day time, but if you wanted it for going out I’d recommend combining it with a gloss on top, or whack this over the top of a lip liner that’s filled in the entire lip. This is not the most sheer shade they offer in this range; the Doutzen Kroes lipstick is ridiculously sheer.. as in.. what’s the point of it sheer. But then I guess you could use it more as a topper gloss..??

So that’s the end of my lip binge/haul! I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your thoughts are. Also let me know if you have any lip recommendations for me!

Thank-you so much for reading, and I hope you pop back soon.

Becky x

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Liebster Fever

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased as punch to say that I have not only been nominated once, but twice by some lovely wordpressers to join in the Liebster Award! Both Signed by SL and The Little Makeup Blog were lovely and gracious enough to invite me to take part and so I’d like to say thank-you so much to them. For those of you that don’t know, this is a little nod to bloggers who have under 2000 followers, so that you can get to know them a little bit more and just spread the love around. So please, please click on their names and check out their amazing blogs 🙂

Ok, so the rules…

You must link back to the person who nominated you; You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominee before you. You must pick 11 nominees with under 200 (or 2000 if you want to go with that) followers to answer your 11 questions; You cannot nominate the person who nominated you; You must let the people you nominate know they have been nominated.

Since I was lucky enough to get nominated twice, I’m going to do a little blend of both of their sets of questions, I hope that’s ok! Here we go:

1. What is your favourite drugstore brand?

My favourite drugstore brand currently (stress on currently, because it varies month to month (sometimes day to day)), is Makeup Revolution.. purely for their Redemption Palette Iconic 3 alone. Obsessed.

2. What is your favourite high end makeup product?

Such a tricky question, I have a matte mac lipstick in ‘Viva Glam’, which when I put it on makes me feel like a Glamazon. But probably my fav is Benefit’s ‘Watts Up’ highlighter, which I recently purchased and I wear it every time I do my makeup. It gives such a gorgeous glow and makes your skin look so dewy and luminous.

3. What is your favourite TV show?

Right now, my favourite TV show is ‘Parks and Recreation’, which I’ve found on US Netflix. Love a bit of Amy Poehler!

4. What is your favourite clothing store/brand?

Zara. Everytime I step in that store, something happens to me and it becomes like supermarket sweep. Hence why I try not to go in their too often (but still very regularly).

5. If you could only use 1 beauty product, what would it be?

Tough one, but probably L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream. It gives a really nice light coverage, which is pretty good to spruce up your face and make it look a bit more alive..!

6. What are your top 5 foundations?

ooo…. Maxfactor Facefinity, No. 7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser (I know this isn’t technically a foundation, but it sure gives the coverage of one), Revlon Colourstay (great for dry skin), Bourjois healthy mix serum gel foundation (also great for dry skin) anddddd L’Oreal Lumi Magique.

7. Why did you start a blog?

Mainly so I could start referring to my splurges as “research”.

8. What is your favourite lipstick?

Ah! Mac ‘Viva Glam’!!

9. What is your favourite animal?

Ummm, I don’t really have one, I like soft fluffy little animals of most varieties and also all the teenie tiny little creatures at the bottom of the ocean that have bio-luminescence (anyone seen that episode of Blue Planet?! Mental).

10. If you had to recommend one beauty product to someone, what would it be?

Emma Hardie facial cleansing balm. It feels so gentle and nourishing and it’s just such a pleasure to use.

11. How long do you take to do your makeup on a daily basis?

In a rush I can whack it on in about 10 mins (but I’ll be skipping a few/tons of steps). Extensive makeup takes me a gooooodddd half an hour – 40 mins.

Oh yay, that was fun 🙂

So my questions for my nominees are:

1. What are three of your ‘Holy Grail’ products?
2. What’s the best skincare product you’ve come across?
3. What is your favourite ‘pick-me-up’ drink?
4. Favourite naughty snack?
5. How often do you use face masks?
6. What’s your top make-up application tip?
7. What’s your favourite trend this season?
8. Best 5 products under £5?
9. Are you a heels or flats girl?
10. What’s top on your ‘wish list’ currently?
11. Favourite chill out activity?

I would like to nominate these lovely ladies below! Click on their names to take a look at their blogs and see what they’re all about. Each of them has amazing style and tips, and writes in such an appealing way, can’t wait to see what they get up to next! Have fun 🙂

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Thank-you so much for popping by and taking a read, come back soon for more!

Becky x


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‘The Dream Box’ by The British Beauty Blogger & Latest in Beauty

About a week ago a very exciting package arrived in the mail for me; my much anticipated beauty box from Latest in Beauty (LIB), created by the British Beauty Blogger (BBB). To be honest, I didn’t have very much awareness of the BBB’s previous two boxes and came across this third one a little by chance. It was obviously meant to be though since these boxes have sadly all sold out so I must have landed mine just in time.

The BBB/LIB collaboration has created a fantastic box full to the brim of fifteen full and sample size products, hand picked by the BBB. For just £19.99 (and free shipping) you are delivered a box worth over £100, which sounds like a pretty fantastic deal… and it is. Since there’s so many products to go through with this one, I’ll jump right in to the good stuff. Where I’ve had a chance to try a product I’ll let you know my thoughts so far.

My box arrived just a few days after I’d ordered it. It comes in a sleek black box:



Inside is a leaflet telling you a little about the box and some blurb about each of the products that’s included in your box plus some voucher codes to get money off if you decide to go ahead and purchase any of these items:




When you peak underneath the leaflet, that’s when you realise how jam packed this box is. The leaflet claims that it’s so rammed that there wasn’t even space for tissue paper inside!



So, what’s inside?? I’ll go through these in no particular order, just literally in the order I pulled them out of the box –

1. Kneipp Herbal Baths
This is essentially a bubble bath, although the consistency is more oily than a bubble bath.. and it also doesn’t produce bubbles.. so, in fact not really like a bubble bath at all. I received the scent “May Chang & Lemon”. It does smell incredible, the only way to describe it is that it smells like lemon and honey Strepsils, but nice. But you get the idea of the potency of the smell. I have actually used mine once. It smells lovely, and turns your bath water bright yellow. You have to clean your bath after you use it unless you want to keep it yellow which is a bit of a pain. I quite liked it, it leaves your skin feeling nice and soft and seriously clean, but it’s far from my favourite item in the box. Full size.



2. L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Lotion
This is for use after cleansing, but before moisturising. It’s supposed to be a softening lotion that ‘accelerates cellular renewal’. It doesn’t really have a scent at all and it’s a fairly oily texture too. A little goes a long way with this stuff, you only need a pea sized amount to cover your entire face. It’s quite refreshing on the skin, but I haven’t necessarily noticed that my skin feels softer since using this. Still quite a nice product to use though. Not sure if this is full size or not.. for the amount you need to use I’d suggest it is.


3. Bee Good Honey & Wild Water Mint Cleansing Water
I haven’t had a chance to use this one yet, but it’s supposed to be a lovely light cleansing water that also contains vitamins A and E. I’ve never really tried a cleansing water before, I’m usually a fan of cleansing balms like Emma Hardie’s, but I’m definitely open to being swayed! Full size.


4. La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray
This stuff feels so good! It would be the perfect item to take away on holiday with you. It’s a soothing, cool spray of hydration that feels amazing. I can just imagine whipping this out on the beach to cool off my face, or any inflamed skin. You can pop this in the fridge as well to get an even further cooling affect. Full size.


5. Elemis Treat Your Feet Foot Cream
I haven’t used this one yet, but I can only imagine it’ll be useful. With summer just around the corner it’s the perfect opportunity to get a pedicure on the go, and this seems like a great product to ensure that all unwanted cracks and dead skin are vanquished. This product apparently has eucalyptus and lemon for a lovely cooling sensation. Sample size.


6. Essie Nail Polish in ‘Fashion Playground’
I adore this shade of nail polish. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m so pleased I got sent this one, as I don’t have any other colours like it. There were two other options you could have received which are a pastel pink or a deep fuchsia/mauve colour. Very excited to give this one a go (I think I’ll include it in my next ‘Nail Polish 3 Day Challenge’). Full size.

Image7. REN Satin Perfection BB Cream
This is a teenie tiny sample size BB cream! I think you could probably squeeze about two uses out of it. I haven’t tried it properly yet, essentially because it’s so small that I’m half thinking I should save it for a special occasion..! I did swatch it on my hand below. Sample size.




8. Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara – black
Too Faced is a brand that I’ve been dying to try for ages, but just haven’t gotten round to it yet, so I’m very excited to try this particular mascara. The leaflet claims that this mascara goes “above and beyond”, so I am setting my expectations to an all time high. The wand on this looks like it pulls a lot of product out, so I’m a little skeptical, but I would love to love it. It’s paraben free which is a plus has absolutely gorgeous packaging and, it’s a full size item.



9. Lola Kabuki Brush
This is such a cute little makeup brush. I’ve read so many blogs about how the kabuki brush will revolutionise your makeup application, and how it’s perfect for tons of different purposes, so I need to play around with this little brush a lot to see what it can do. This is a really great size to pop in your makeup bag, or for travelling, so I definitely think it will be useful. It’s quite soft, although not the softest brush I own, but then for a multi-purpose brush, I guess it wouldn’t be. It does bug me a little that the brush is black, since I personally like to be able to see what’s on the brushes and also they’re easier to tell when they’re clean! Full size. (Please excuse the slightly beaten up box, I struggled to get the brush out of it’s prison).



10. Bourjois Cream Blush in No 3, Rose Tender
I do enjoy a cream blush and I think I’ll be enjoying this one too. It’s a lovely burnt rose colour, with a little bit of shimmer. I really like the texture of this one, it’s very smooth to apply so you don’t risk rubbing off your foundation in the process. It’s also very buildable, it’s not hugely pigmented (which in blush I actually think is a pro, since it’s so easy to go overboard), so it just gives a little hint of flush in the cheeks that looks summery and healthy.


11. Janjira Hand Wash
I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, but on the face of it, it sounds like a great product. I’ve never used anything by this brand before, but if they all smell like this one I will. I received the argan oil handwash, the other option was thai lime & ginger. The argan oil smells so lovely and fresh. I’m pleased I didn’t receive the thai lime and ginger since I don’t always enjoy the scent of ginger in products. This is also paraben and sulphate free – yay. Sample size.


12. Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge
Having just said that I don’t particularly like the scent of ginger, I am about to eat my words. I love this fragrance. The leaflet describes it as “an olfactory taster of ginger in many guises”. I actually think that this smells more of citrus and particularly mandarin. It’s just heavenly, I might even purchase the full size. I love these little samples as well, they are perfect to pop in your handbag for just a quick spritz to freshen up throughout the day. Sample size.


13. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Kiss in ‘So Marilyn’
I think this one might be a bit of a novelty item. Basically, you’re given, in a tiny envelope, a ‘kiss’ of lipstick stuck onto some plastic, ie. in the shape of lips. You’re supposed to fold the plastic in half then blot your lips over the lipstick kiss, for instant application. The idea, I assume, is so that you can try out the shades of lipstick, before committing to a purchase. The shade I received is called ‘So Marilyn’ and is a lovely deep red with brown undertones. I’ve yet to try this one. Since I guess it’s a disposable item, again I’m waiting for a special occasion! Sample size.


14. Benefit ‘It’s Potent’ Eye Cream
Most people are familiar with the majority of the Benefit range, and I think this is no exception. I love this eye cream, it’s so hydrating, but without being oily or sticky, it just absorbs into the skin quickly without irritation or aggravation. This sample size pot is great for holidays since you only need a small amount, and this pot will definitely last you for at least 2 weeks. Winner. Sample size.



15. Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette – ‘Make Believe’

I already own the Makeup Revolution palette in ‘Iconic 3’, which I absolutely adore and use daily, so I am really chuffed that this has been included. I received the palette ‘Make Believe’ which is full of gorgeous shimmery shades (plus a few mattes). There is a large variety of colours in this one palette so I really think it will be massively useful. All of the colours are fairly pigmented, although some of the matte shades do need some coaxing and are more chalky than the shimmers. I am a shimmer eyeshadow lover, so this palette is so great for me, especially since the shimmer shadows are so creamy and so easy to apply. Full size.






If you made it to the end of this post, I applaud you. I apologise for how long this was, but really it’s BBB/LIB’s fault for offering such an extensive box! Please do let me know your thoughts, especially if you’ve ordered any of the BBB beauty boxes in the past, or if you’ve tried any of the items in this box. I’d love to hear your opinions!

If you’ve reached this far, thank-you so, so much for reading and I hope you pop back again soon for more (shorter) posts!

Becky x

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Nail Polish 3 Day Challenge

Hi Everyone,

Recently I decided it might be a nice idea to set a little nail polish challenge. I love having perfectly polished talons, and really enjoy applying a gel manicure, but I don’t always have the time do it. I wanted to see which polishes lasted the best over three days for those times when I don’t have a gel manicure, but still want the polish to last longer than the time it takes for me to get dressed in the morning.

I’ve started this challenge with three nail varnishes from three different brands that I already had in my collection, and I have to say the results may surprise you.

Firstly I applied OPI’s nail lacquer in NLF15, ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’. I adore this colour, it’s a really rich brown with purple/maroon undertones. However, I despise how this applies; it is so thick and gloopy and just drags across the nail. Perhaps it’s just my pot, but the formula of this particular shade is not what most of us come to expect from OPI. I applied two coats of this polish and then Sally Hansen’s ‘Insta-Dry’ top coat. This was the result after three days:










This polish chipped terribly! I’ve only shown my left hand in all of these pictures, but let me tell you the right hand was even worse. It took all of my self restraint to not take this polish off after day one. No thank-you OPI. 3/10

After this monstrosity of a polish I went for a budget brand, BarryM, and I went for the Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in GNP 18, ‘Mango’. This polish is an amazing bright orange colour. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s neon, but it’s definitely a real pop of colour that is perfect for the summer time. Excellent application, the colour is really pigmented and opaque. Like the OPI, I applied two coats and the same Sally Hansen top coat:


I was so impressed with this polish! Considering it’s low price point (£3.99 versus OPI’s costly £11.95!) this polish really holds it’s own. There are also a wide range of colours to choose from, the Gelly Hi Shine range comes in 28 gorgeous bright colours, which each claim to give a gel like finish with an anti-chip formula. Personally, I don’t think these are comparable to the shine you get with a gel manicure, but they do give a nice glossy finish and are very easy to apply. The only downside to this particular colour was that I (foolishly) didn’t wear a base coat, and this colour stained my nails something rotten! Disclaimer: base coat is a must! Lesson learnt. 8/10

Finally, I decided to go for a much lighter shade, so I decided on Bourjois’ So Laque Glossy in ‘Peace and Mauve’. A stunning lilac pastel colour that is bang on trend. This is one of the most translucent, streaky polishes I own. I applied three coats of this (plus Sally Hansen’s top coat), and ideally it could have used a fourth, but in all seriousness who has the time/patience to apply four freaking coats of nail polish?? Perhaps with a white base coat this one would come out a little better, but I really think a white base coat should not be necessary to bring out the best colour of a polish, it just needs to be more opaque. So, I was not impressed during application. After three days:


I was so sad! I love the colour so much, and I was willing this polish to be better.. but, as you can see, when it chipped, it CHIPPED. By the second day cracks were appearing all over my nails, and it was only a matter of time before it started chipping off in chunks. Such a pity. At £5.99, you really want the quality of the Bourjois polishes to be a little better. The irony of this polish is that it specifically states on the bottle “up to 10 days”..!! You must have to apply 50 coats of this stuff to make it last that long. I will still try some others, because they do have a lovely range of colours at the minute, and I still am just hoping that maybe some of the others will be better! But, for now, I’m afraid to say: 3/10

Please let me know if you liked this post, or if you’ve tried any of these polishes! Also drop any suggestions into the comment box of any polishes you love or any you’d like me to test out for you! I might do this post again when I’ve got another batch if people like it..? Let me know!

As always, thank-you so much for reading and I hope you pop back again soon!

Becky x

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